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A multivendor platform designed to change digital space in the Pacific

Stay At Home And Shop Easily

You can find the greatest selection of products from different vendors by perusing our extensive product catalogue, which we have prepared for your perusal.

Search. Choose. Shop. Pay. Delivery.

Browse the hundreds of available options, pick out what you want, and have it delivered to your doorstep when you pay online. Consolidated in one spot.

Huge range of products, vendors & services for everyone

Our multivendor platform delivers various product range for different customers with different tastes. With 50 products being added each week

Why choose us?

Wide range of products

We take great care in selecting products for sale and the vendors we work with to guarantee that our clients always receive the best.

Multiple Payment Options

It is essential to have a reliable, safe, and multiple-payment gateway to simplify the purchasing process for our customers.

Direct Chat With Vendors

We aim to make it easy for our consumers to stay connected with the vendors they are purchasing from, allowing them to receive fast assistance through chat.

Behind your screen is an entire ecosystem

Several steps are taken after your purchase to ensure the shipment and delivery of your merchandise.

We pick the vendors

We offer you the best vendors

Our team has personally selected, trained, and vetted every vendor that appears on our site. When a vendor joins Shop Pasifika, we guarantee they will provide our consumers with top-notch service and products.

Your Payment Is Secured

Our vendors won't get paid unless your orders are sent to you. Could it be any easier? Safeguarding Shop Pasifika clients is our payment policy. There must be tracking for all orders placed with our merchants, and they must deliver the items within 30 days.

Finding Unique Vendors & Products

Huge range of products & services for everyone

Get your life on track with an easy, streamlined productivity app.

Make your shopping decission right from home

Without ever having to set foot in the store, you may easily compare the many product ranges we have. You can choose to have your item delivered to your door or picked up at the store counter when you place an order online.

Product quality and approval

Prior to any product being made available on our site, our team thoroughly examines it to ensure its quality & authenticity

Every order to be fullfiled

Our vendors are required to complete all orders within the specified processing time range, and we make sure that happens every time


You may access the invoice for each item you order from our site in your dashboard, and all suppliers must adhere to this document

Vendor Chat

You can resolve any issues with your order or arrange an exchange by chatting directly with the vendor from your order page

30 day resolution

In a disagreement between seller and buyer, the parties have 30 days to resolve it. Shop Pasifika is prepared to intervene if any conflict occurs.

Merchant Policy

All vendors must display their return and exchange policies on all products. Customers can easily access this information for their education.

Your review matters to us

Let others be aware of your experince with every purchase

Product Reviews

Share your experience with the product and read reviews from other customers to help you make an informed decision.

Flagged Reviews

Reviews can only be submitted by actual buyers of the product, and there are stringent requirements for each review.

Store Reviews

We and many other customers rely on your evaluations of our service to determine which vendors are the best.


We check each review for authenticity, proof, and specifics about the product and the user's experience.

Our Support Is Always Active To Help

For more information on the products you're interested in, contact our team or one of our partners. Get in touch with us more quickly through social media.

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