Do I Qualify to Sell on Shop Pasifika?

Read through our guidelines below and see if you meet the vendor criteria.

We have a set of guidelines that our vendors
must meet in order to sell on our platform

The list below is part of the policy vendors must meet and agree on before a panel decides if
the vendor meets the criteria to receive approval to sell on our platforms. This is done to ensure
Shop Pasifika has quality and reputable vendors to serve the customers on this platform.

Legal Business Registration & Licences

All vendors are required to be registered businesses with valid business licenses and business tax numbers.

Social Media Presence On Any Platform

Vendors are to have at least one social media account for their business. This may be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tiktok.

Physical Operational Hub For The Business

All vendors are to provide an address for their business location. In-house and online based businesses may provide their residential address. Note: this may be used by customers for in-person pickups.

Agreeing to all vendor policy & store policy

Vendors are to go over the vendor and store policy thoroughly, prior to signing on to our platform and abide by all Shop Pasifika policies.

Simple Return & Exchange Policy For Customers

Vendors are to display their shop return policy on their store pages. In case of returns, all costs are to be borne by the vendors, including order amount, original shipping and return shipping.

Genuine & Non-perishable Goods

We do not allow counterfeit products to be sold on this platform. All items sold are to be genuine and non-perishable for minimum risk of spoiling.

What happens after filling up the registration form?

A panel will review and verify the registration and related documents uploaded
before coming to a decision. The verification process may take up to
4-5 business days.

What Does The Panel Decide?

All business registrations will be verified by the panel for validity of the information provided. Vendors applications will be reviewed against the Shop Pasifika Vendor Criteria Upon approval, vendors will be notified of the decision through email correspondence.

Vendor Consultation

Upon receiving approval, vendors will have consultation with the Shop Pasifika admin for an introduction to the Shop Pasifika platform and policies as well as to discuss their contracts and any queries. Based on location, consultation may be held face to face or virtually. Once contract is signed and received by Shop Pasifika, vendors may access Shop Pasifika training modules for setting up their store.

Vendor Approval and Start Selling on Shop Pasifika

Upon approval, vendors will be assisted to set up their shops on this platform. All contracts are to be signed and forwarded to Shop Pasifika within 5 business days of receiving approval, prior to store setup.

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