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Our online marketplace serves small businesses all around the Pacific, from the tiny island nation of Nauru to the enormous continent of Australia.
Customers and sellers from all around the Pacific region can now meet (figuratively speaking) on our platform! Because of this, you can look at a lot of different sellers offering the same thing. Making it possible for you to evaluate logistics, cost, and quality.
Beginning with a small group of carefully selected vendors, we intend to expand our network to include additional Pacific Islanders as we progress with our initiative.
The Journey
We started operations in 2022 under our parent company Cheap Games Fiji which started up in 2015. Our parent company was founded by Rakin Wahed and his friend Rajeev Naidu whilst in High School with the purpose of selling video games through Facebook Buy and Sell pages. 
Over time, operations expanded to include sales and repairs of computer parts and the business has since then started running its own social media pages and web platform at: 
Our founder’s vision was to create a business hub in the Pacific similar to Amazon and e-Bay to give the people of the Pacific a bigger shopping platform and more visibility and sales to small and medium sized Pacific businesses. Thus Shop Pasifika was born!! 
Rethinking retail in the Pacific

Cheap Games Fiji was established to learn about the resources, expertise, and structure required to build Shop Pasifika and our partnerships with other stores.

7 Years

of experience

Journey Timeline

cheap games fiji
Started operation
Cheap Games Fiji started selling video games from Facebook Buy & Sell Pages.
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Social Media Accounts
With booming growth in customers, CGF moved operations to its own social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.
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Startup of the Year
Officially registered as a business in 2019, CGF was recognised for creating an impactful Health App - Pasifika Heartbeat.
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Young Entrepreneurs Award
CGF was awarded the Young Entrepreneurs Award by the Fijian Ministry of Trade and Tourism.
Shop Pasifika Launches
Shop Pasifika launches to help Pacific vendors join a digital market to have wider audience reach.

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Our Goals With Shop Pasifika

Pacific Made

Establish a centralized online hub, showcasing a curated collection of products exclusively made or sourced from the culturally rich and diverse South Pacific region


We aim to support the expansion of Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) by giving them access to a dynamic online environment that will enable them to grow and have a stronger online presence.

Vendor University

Quick Find Fiji empowers SMEs by providing them with e-commerce tools similar to Shop Pasifika. This helps SMEs transition into Shop Pasifika's online retail sphere with confidence and competence.


Shop Pasifika envisions launching a podcast series dedicated to exploring topics vital to SMEs, Fiji's evolving policies, and comprehensive customer guides, serving as a beacon of knowledge and empowerment for businesses as we look ahead.

Hub Vendors

Shop Pasifika aims to further the 'Hub Vendor' concept, uniting a central hub vendor with multiple small vendors under one roof, enriching product diversity and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Alternate Delivery

Shop Pasifika aims to use alternative transportation, such as mini-buses or buses with established routes, to provide faster and more cost-effective package deliveries to customers across key locations in Viti Levu.

Digital Economy

Through planned actions, our goal is to accelerate Fiji's transition to a digital economy, employing technology to enable enterprises, optimize procedures, and enhance the country's economic environment into a future that is more interconnected and dynamic.

Delivery Drones

As a future-forward initiative, Shop Pasifika aspires to implement cutting-edge drone technology for nationwide order deliveries, revolutionizing the customer experience by ensuring swift and timely arrivals, setting new standards in efficient and reliable service

Our Team

We were able to finish this long-term project with a small budget and the support of AI technologies, even though our crew was small.

Rakin Wahed


Dianne Pasikali

Marketing Officer

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